Cannabis is still the most used illegal drug in the USA. However, this is soon likely to change as more and more states continue to push for legalization of recreational cannabis. In addition, medical marijuana has been legal in several states for many years.

Now that recreational cannabis may soon become legal in your state, how much do you really know about cannabis? Here below are some eight odd facts about marijuana that may arouse your interest:

-Cannabis is closely connected to beer

Cannabis is actually more closely related to beer than you ever imagined. The cannabis plant is in the same genus with just one other plant known as humulus, also known as hops. This plant is used to flavor and stabilize beer.

beer and cannabis

a good combination

-Cannabis is actually good for your lungs

Results from a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama and UCSF show that people who only smoke a few joints each week have stronger lung capacity as well as external blowing force than non –smokers. In addition, UCLA presented a paper in 2005 that shows smoking cannabis can actually help prevent cancer. Marijuana contains THC and cannabinoids, both of which seem to discourage cancer.

-Cannabis was used by the American government to fight the NAZIs

During the second Worrld War, the American government produced a film entitled “Hemp for Victory”. This film was used to help highlight the many uses of hemp as well as encouraging farmers to grow the plant in order to help in the war effort. Its existence was denied by the government for a long time until 1989 when Jack Herrer, a marijuana advocate, donated a VHS copy to the library of congress. You can watch the film on YouTube as it is now in the public domain.

-In 1994, cannabis was declared harmless by the Indian government

In India, marijuana was used for recreational purposes unlike in ancient China, where it was used for medical purposes. It was a common substance that was used in religious festivals as well as for recreation purposes. In most cases it was boiled with milk and nuts and ingested as a drink. Cannabis consumption made the Indians so happy such that the colonial government feared it would drive them crazy. The government commissioned a study and issued a report which was entitled The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1894. The report concluded that mainstream usage of cannabis was actually harmless and in addition, banning the substance could prove more detrimental.

-Cannabis Adversaries

The main anti-marijuana advocates in the US are the beer and alcohol industries. This is because marijuana is a serious threat to alcohol sales. This is because it is safer in nature and is therefore usually thought to be a good alternative to alcohol.

-It is hard to overdose on cannabis

As a matter of fact, you would need to smoke around 800 joints at a go to overdose on cannabis. This means it is practically impossible smoke too much.

Thomas Jefferson on cannabis

Presidential reason

-Two former US presidents used to grow hemp

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who are former presidents of the US, used to grow hemp. Throughout their lives, they always praised hemp as well as its production. Thomas Jefferson actually wrote a draft of the declaration of independence on hemp paper.

-It used to be patriotic to grow hemp in the US

In 1619, farmers in the US were required to grow hemp by law. Hemp was used to make ship sails, paper, and fabric. In fact the word ‘canvas’ is derived from cannabis.



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